Deployment Manager Mobile App

RTLS management at your fingertips

Deployment Manager Mobile App displayed on mobile device

Update tags and exciters on the go

The Deployment Manager Mobile App connects via Bluetooth to the Tag & Exciter Detector (TED) device or directly to T15e tags. Together, the app and TED device empower you to tackle virtually every aspect of managing tags and exciters used with the AeroScout and Protection solutions.


Management and troubleshooting

Staying on top of your visibility infrastructure is easy with the Deployment Manager Mobile App.

Tag management

Use the app to detect, activate and deactivate tags. You can also view tag details and initialize tag batteries, including resetting battery counters. (Some tag types, such as the Hugs Infant Tag, are read only.)

Interference monitoring

Detect LF interference to eliminate noise sources or optimize the location of exciters.

Exciter detection

The app can detect low frequency (LF) and ultrasound (US) exciters, showing you good LF and US signals along with bad LF signals. You can also view exciter details, including an RSSI history graph.

Connect directly to T15e tags

The T15e Temperature Tag communicates directly with the Deployment Manager for configuration and setup.