T15e Temperature Tag

Multi-use temperature tag with display, 64K event storage and CDC compliant for Vaccines for Children (VFC)/COVID-19

A closeup of Securitas Healthcare's T15e  temperature tag, displaying temperature information on the digital screen
A pharmacist placing temperature-sensitive materials into a medication fridge while the T15e digital data logger monitors temperature.
Caregiver pressing the button on the Securitas Healthcare T15e Temperature Monitoring sensor.
Securitas Healthcare's T15e temperature tag monitoring the environment inside a blood bag storage fridge
Front view of Securitas Healthcare's T15e temperature monitoring tag

One temperature tag. Every monitoring need.

 The T15e is a versatile Wi-Fi based temperature tag for monitoring conditions across the healthcare enterprise: in the pharmacy, lab and pathology, blood bank, nutrition, blanket warmers and more.


Meets regulatory compliance requirements

 Discover the many features that make the probe-based T15e the best-in-class choice for easy and reliable compliance monitoring from -200°C to +140°C (-328°F to +284°F). 

Visual display

See current temperature within +/- 0.5°C, as well as out-of-range alerts

64k local records

Keeps data safe in the event of a network outage (for months!) and during transport

Easy set up

Program locally via BLE using the iOS-based Deployment Manager app, or over-the-air with enterprise security


ISO 17025 accredited program provides a simple and easy way to manage recalibration process

Local and remote alerts

Visual and audible out-of-range alerts and real-time notification to mobile device or PC

Long-life battery

24-month typical life, with easy replacement of standard batteries (no screws!)

Integrated contact sensor

Monitors refrigerator and freezer doors (including cryogenic) for an extra layer of protection